Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Koshien Characters

VAOJ has reported much about the Hanshin Tigers. What is particularly interesting about this baseball team is the fan involvement. Loyalty to the team is an understatement. The fans are seen as a part of the team; if the team is losing, the fans cheer that much harder. Hanshin fans are special in the way in which they support their team as a group and as individuals. They are truly characters in both senses of the word: protagonists in the story (whether it be the actual baseball game or this blog post) and as eccentric persons (I mean this as a compliment). Recently I had a chance to visit Koshein for a game against the Hiroshima Carp. It was a perfect opportunity to capture Koshein characters. The Tigers won, 4-3, by the way, extending my own winning streak. Every Hanshin game I have been to in the last 4 years they have won. Or should I say, we have won...

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