Monday, March 22, 2010

Film Announcement: "Witness to Hiroshima"

Announcement via H-ASIA:

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to bring your attention to an award-nominated short documentary film, Witness to Hiroshima, which I co-produced with Oakland-based professional photographer Kathy Sloane.

In this 16-minute film, Japanese citizen Keiji Tsuchiya uses his 12 powerful watercolors to tell the story of his experiences in Hiroshima as a 17-year old soldier immediately following the dropping of the atomic bomb and shares how he ultimately directed his life towards purpose and healing.

Witness to Hiroshima, recently released in a dual-language version, can easily be used in history, literature, art, or Japanese language classes. Here is what a few people have said about this short but powerful film.

"I can't take in Keiji Tsuchiya's personal, on-the-ground, turn-by-turn testament without feeling my stomach and throat constrict?. For a world that knows little or nothing about this monstrous 20th century event and its stained legacy, Kathy Sloane's 15-minute documentary is a must-see."

-Al Young, California Poet Laureate (2005-2008)

"Witness to Hiroshima is one of those small-story films that reveals a much bigger picture" The link the film draws between Tsuchiya's experiences following the bombing and his later horseshoe crab preservation work is a startling connection. Teachers will find lots of use for this fine, short film."

-Rethinking Schools Magazine, Volume 23 No. 3 - Spring 2009

For more information about Witness to Hiroshima, please visit our website:


Michele Mason

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