Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Cop caught taking up-skirt videos during anti-pervert campaign"

From Japan Today, 10/27/09: (Amusing considering the last post...)

Police said Monday that a Tokyo police sergeant will be prosecuted under a prefectural nuisance prevention ordinance after he was caught using his cell phone camera to take up-skirt videos with his mobile phone camera on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line on Sept 18.

The incident took place right in the middle of an anti-“chikan” (pervert) campaign being conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police to stamp out groping on trains.

The offense was noticed by another police officer who was on the same train. Police said that the sergeant broke his cell phone in half, destroying the evidence, after he was reprimanded by the officer.

According to authorities, the sergeant, who is in his 50s and served in Tsukiji’s organized crime division, resigned from his post and apologized, admitting to the charges and saying that he had committed the same act several times in the past.

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R. A. Stern said...

Sad, but I've read many similar stories in the daily Japanese news over the past couple years. Everything from the junior officer snapping upskirt photos to station chiefs involved elicit activities with underage girls. I doubt this sort of chikan officer behavior is uniquely Japanese, but they do seem to do more public reporting on it - sadly it does not seem to curb the behavior.