Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NON/APPEARANCE · A Collaboration Between Dada Docot and Keiko Kamma

I just received this announcement from my friend, Dada. I have been impressed with her work dealing with globalization, immigration and discrimination. Click here for past posts about her films and exhibitions.

NON/APPEARANCE · A Collaboration Between Dada Docot and Keiko Kamma

August 7- 9, 2009; 3-8 pm
Live Happening on August 8, 6-8pm
at the Ginza Art & Concept Laboratory
Yogashi "West" 2F, 7-3-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0016
Phone: 03-5537-5421 Fax: 03-5537-5421

SEE YOU THERE! http://www.digiart.tv/

Description from announcmeent:

Reminiscent of Simon Popes’ controversial “Gallery Space Recall” exhibition in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, NON/APPEARANCE also displays an empty gallery space. But, whereas Pope’s aim was to encourage people to walk around the empty rooms and discuss memories of other galleries, Docot was just plain denied her Visa to Japan. Hence, the non-exhibition. Uncannily, this denial was the cherry topping to her exhibition that was formerly called DIS/SIMILARITIES.

Working on the premise of her absence, Docot collaborates with Japanese artist Keiko Kamma, multimedia artist and Director of the Ginza Art and Concept Laboratory. Kamma will document the empty gallery during the scheduled exhibition dates and walk the absent artist’s "untaken routes" on the date of her (Docot) visit to the gallery. This video will be shown together with a streaming video of the artist in Manila on the original date of the artist’s talk.

This thorough documentation of emptiness and absence makes tangible the very concept of the exhibit that did not materialize, creating a succinct platform for the artists to explore to the fullest the semantics of tension and persecution of migrants crossing, or in this case, staying within borders. JAJA ARUMPAC

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