Friday, January 9, 2009

Webby Talents: Share Your Disability Videos

VAOJ recently received an email from Webby Talents:

Webbytalents is a new website sharing for films made by or for people with disabilities accross the world.

It is also a new kink of platform at the crossroads between a social site and a site media designed to break down barriers for the world's disabled.

On Webbytalents you’ll be able to share and discover videos from around the world.

Nonprofits and organizations, Webbytalents helps you publicize activities and events.

It is also a good way to learn about disability from different countries.

No matter who you are, artists, filmakers, performers, athletes, heros or spectators sitting at home. Use Webbytalents to share your talents.

Everyone can participate and become an agent of change for better integration of disability.

Join Webbytalents to learn, share experiences, stories and testimonies. Upload and share videos and links.

For more information, see an article posted on Suite

Link to Webby Talents:

A quick search didn't come up with any Japan-related materials, but there are a few deaf related videos. Webby Talents is relatively new and seems to be an interesting visual resource dealing with the so-called disabilities.

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Stephen Pate said...

WebbyTalents is infected with a Trojan virus. Proceed with caution