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More Anthro Resources: Blogs and Books

More helpful info from various anthro listservs and blogs...

Check out this anthro blog. While not Japan-specific it does seem to be a great resource for visual studies and anthropology in general.


Students thinking about studying anthropology at university // People who like documentary film, art, cultural events // Anyone curious about anthropology // Everybody interested on other cultures [+ their own], global issues and debates

This blog is run by Lucy as part of the Royal Anthropological Institute's Discover Anthropology Outreach programme.

Link to Anthropologist About Town

New Book on Japanese Fashion

Philomena Keet is a British anthropologist whose PhD is on Tokyo Street fashion. Her new book, with photographer Yuri Manabe, is The Tokyo Look Book: Stylish to Spectacular, Goth to Gyaru, Sidewalk to Catwalk.


Japanese Visual Culture: Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime
Edited by: Mark W. MacWilliams
M.E. Sharpe

We don't take up manga and anime much in Visual Anthro class (but there are at least three other KGU courses devoted to the topic...) or on this blog. But I realize some students have interests in the subject. If so, you might want to check out this new book. List of contents below:

Foreword: Japan's New Visual Culture
Frederik L. Schodt
Mark W. MacWilliams

1. Manga in Japanese History - Kinko Ito
2. Contemporary Anime in Japanese Pop Culture - Gilles Poitras
3. Characters, Themes, and Narrative Patterns in the Manga of Osamu Tezuka - Susanne Phillips
4.From Metropolis to Metoroporisu : The Changing Role of the Robot in Japanese and Western Cinema - Lee Makela
5. Opening the Closed World of Shojo Manga - Mizuki Takahashi
6. Situating the Shojo in Shojo Manga : Teenage Girls, Romance Comics, and Contemporary Japanese Culture - Deborah Shamoon
7. Intellectuals, Cartoons, and Nationalism During the Russo-Japanese War - Yulia Mikhailova
8. Framing Manga: On Narratives of the Second World War in Japanese Manga, 1957-1977 - Eldad Nakar
9. Aum Shinrikyo and a Panic about Manga and Anime - Rich Gardner
10. Medieval Genealogies of Manga Horror - Raj Pandey
11. The Utopian "Power to Live": What the Miyazaki Phenomenon Signifies - Hiroshi Yamanaka
12. Heart of Japaneseness: History and Nostalgia in Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away - Shiro Yoshioka
13. National History as Otaku Fantasy: Satoshi Kon's Millennium Actress - Melek Ortabasi
14. Considering Manga Discourse: Location, Ambiguity, Historicity - Jaqueline Berndt

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