Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Link: "Here, there, and somewhere else"

I'd like to introduce a blog I am adding to the "Visual Anthropology Related Links" section. When the author contacted me inquiring about visual anthropology graduate programs I came across her interesting blog. Here is the author's own description:

Here, there, and somewhere else

Fly. Walk. Converse. Discover. A Filipina in her mid-20s records whatever.

The cities are crowded. The trains are a mess. My life in school gets more complicated everyday. Maybe I have more to say? Maybe I have more things to complain about or perhaps my life just got more interesting? I am not so sure, really. Maa iiya, toiu kanji.

Blog of a Pinay student living in Tokyo.

There are lots of interesting pictures, observations, ideas and cultural representations here - certainly worth a look for students of visual anthropology.

Link to Here, there, and somewhere else:

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Filipina Travels said...

hi steven! thanks a lot for adding my blog here. :-) perhaps we can meet when i go to kansai in the future. Have you ever met Oomori Sensei, professor emeritus of Minpaku? I heard that he's a very good professor of visual anthro in Japan. Hopefully I can meet him too...