Monday, September 10, 2007

The Use of Visual Anthropology in "Japanese Wooden Boats in Woodblock Prints" Research Project

From a recent post on H-ASIA by T Kurt Knoerl, Director, The Museum of Underwater Archaeology:

Graduate student Michelle Damian has posted video clips of her visit with Japanese Shipwright Mr. Kanji Mitsumori as part of her seventh project journal entry. Through the journal Michelle shares her experiences while conducting her MA research on Japanese wooden boats. This includes a variety of activities from studying woodblock prints to travel to Japan. She writes about the importance of woodblock prints, museum exhibits, and intensive study of classical Japanese language texts. You can read her latest entry and view the video clips by clicking on "Research" in the left hand menu of her journal found here:

Link to Japanese Wooden Boats in Woodblock Prints Research Project Journal

Damian's on-line research journal is sharp - a mix of text and illustrations in a very nice layout. The use of video clips is a good addition as well. Check this site out as a great example of a visual research blog.

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