Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Naked Sign Language News in Japan

Warning: This posting is rated PG-13 or maybe even R.

Why didn't any of my deaf friends tell me about this?

Apparently there is a program on the Japanese Paradise TV network where news is delivered in sign language by a nude female telecaster. Until recently it has been receiving subsidies from the Japanese government for its production. Check out the following two links for more details.

Link to Reuters news story

Link to article in Japan Times

See an example of a naked sign language lesson on the Japanese YouTube site. (This clip seems to be the least "offensive." You can see more by doing a search on the Japanese Youtube and verifying your age.)

Link to YouTube clip

Click the below link to see another video clip from CNN.

Link to AOL videoclip

I bet it's not only deaf people who are watching... Perhaps an interesting way to spread sign language use... Comments?

(Special thanks to MH for the heads up on this news item.)

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