Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Photobucket Experiment

As we discussed in class yesterday, Photobucket can be used when one wants to create a link directly to a photo. For example, click here and see what image you get...

You can insert a small thumbnail photo that will enlarge when clicked on like the one below:

You can also upload short videos (up to 5 minutes they say) and link them to your blog like I am doing here... There is also a remix function (available after you have logged in) where you can edit the video. I haven't played with it yet but it might be useful and/or fun.

Check out Photobucket to see what else you can do there.

Link to Photobucket

This is, of course, no endorsement. Please read their terms of service to make sure you want to actually use them. They do claim that the image remains the property of the person who uploads it. On the other hand, your images are out there and accessible to anyone, unless you change your photo album from a public to private setting. I am sure there must be other services that do similar things. If you have recommendations, please give them in a comment.

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