Sunday, March 25, 2007

Globalization in Kobe

Recently I brought my "Japan and Globalization: A Cultural Approach" class on a fieldtrip to Kobe. Kobe is a very globalized city reminding me of San Francisco in many respects; while walking around there it is sometimes difficult to remember that one is still in Japan. We visited the Kitano area (Ijinkan), Nankin Machi (Chinatown) and the Harbor Area.

Students had ample opportunity to look for examples of "globalization" and attempt to photograph them. Below are some photos submitted by students in this First Annual Globalization in Japan Kobe Photo Contest.

Photo by Geoffrey: "I think no matter where one travels to there will be someone very happy to serve ice cream. And sometimes at a considerable profit."

Photo by Erica: "Meg Ryan in Kobe, Japan sponsoring Nescafe. This brand of coffee created by the Nestle company started when Brazil approached the Swiss company with offers of coffee bean trade. Now it is sold in about twenty six countries worldwide."

Photo by Erica: "Who would have thought they could visit a traditional Japanese shrine and gaze at an array of lovely European style houses? In Kobe, Japan there is a whole district full of European homes. This is thanks to Kobe's history as one of the first open ports of Japan, bringing in foreign tradesmen and ambassadors from all over the globe."

Photo by Erica: "Wait, where are we again? Kobe, Japan's Chinatown attracts many tourists from all over the world and all over Japan. It also seems to attract curious Globalization classes. Lead by their brave and fearless teacher. (you can take that last line out if you wish)"

Photo submitted by Hanae: "I wanted to take a funny picture; Japanese girls posing as China dolls."

Photo by Hanae: "I wanted to photograph the scenery. I had never been here before."

Photo by Jess: "[I]n my ideal fantasy world, everyone is multilingual. Heh."

Photo by Jess: "The photo of the Gordon's London Dry Gin has a small receipt with Japanese on it near the bottle. And is that ivy a native Japanese plant?"

Photo by Reid: "Roman guy... taken by Kobe harbor."

Photo by Reid: "Mexican restaurant/bar that I found at Kobe."

Photo by Steven: "No smoking in Kitano. That's what it says on the sidewalk, anyway..."

Photo by Steven: "Eclectic Chinatown side street."

Photo by Steven: "Norika married in (or to?) Kobe... Her image is everywhere in Kobe; this shot near the Harbor Area."

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